Don't Go Out on a Limb to Trim Your Trees.

We provide expert tree trimming services & tree pruning services in Longmont, CO & the surrounding areas

Are dead or overgrown branches ruining your curb appeal? Avoid the temptation to trim your trees yourself. Rely on Colorado Native Arbor Care for tree trimming services.

We can do more than just remove branches in hard-to-reach areas. Take advantage of our comprehensive tree trimming services in the Longmont, CO area:

  • Prune your shrubs into ornamental shapes with topiary services.
  • Help your trees grow healthy and strong with tree pruning services.
  • Maximize the space in your garden or backyard by training your fruit trees with the unique style of espalier.
  • Safely prune off branches that pose significant risk to you or your property with hazardous pruning services.

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Winter is an ideal time to Prune your trees & shrubs

Winter is an ideal time to Prune your trees & shrubs

Rather than waiting till spring or summer to have your woody friends maintained, consider taking advantage of the cold weather. Benefits of pruning during dormancy are:

• Tree structure is completely visible, making it easier to assess the form.

• Shock from pruning wounds is reduced and advantageous growth is minimized.

• Energy made by the tree can be stored throughout the whole summer season in order to ready itself for the next winter.

• We can safely get away with removing more living tissue from the tree, in order to reach our long term structural goals.

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