Grow a Mature Forest, One Sapling at a Time

Enlist our help planting trees strategically

You shouldn't transplant a sapling just anywhere. As the tree grows, its roots can lift sidewalks and driveways, get tangled in existing root structures and interfere with water and sewer lines. An arborist at Colorado Native Arbor Care can recommend hardy tree species and optimal growing sites to ensure that your trees flourish.

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Take advantage of our expertise

Take advantage of our expertise

Since 2015, Boulder County residents have been trusting our family-owned company with their trees. Arbor care is our specialty, so turn to us when you need guidance about...

  • Choosing tree species that will grow quickly on your land
  • Replanting mature trees due to adaptation or stunted growth
  • Removing a dead or dying tree and planting a sapling in its place

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