Making the decision to REMOVE your tree can be stressful. We can advise you when imminent risk is present.

Colorado Native Arbor Care provides tree removal services in Longmont, CO

We can help you decide whether or not your tree needs to be removed. With our knowledge, we will assist you to determine if your tree is structurally safe.

Our skilled crew will remove trees in a safe, professional manner. Good reasons to remove trees are...

  • The tree is in decline (major dieback)
  • The tree poses a risk (EX: fungi is present, tree contains hollows, trunk is split due to included bark)
  • Avoid future expensive removals of trees growing directly next to structures
  • Open space for healthier neighboring trees
  • The tree is dead

Is your tree hazardous? Call 303-709-5716 now for emergency tree removal services.

We'll go above and beyond to serve you

We will leave your yard immaculate, removing all cut material, finishing job with a detailed cleanup

Hire Colorado Native Arbor Care in Longmont, CO for a job well done.