Protect Your Property From Wildfires in the Longmont, CO Area

Schedule fire mitigation or forest care services to remove ladder fuels from your property

Dead branches, dry brush and vegetation can catch fire easily. To help prevent a wildfire from damaging your home or forest in the Longmont, CO area, remove flammable vegetation around your home and trees. Colorado Native Arbor Care can do this by providing fire mitigation services.

As part of our fire mitigation services, we'll create a defensible space around your property. Call 303-709-5716 now to learn more.

Our commitment to conservation

Our commitment to conservation

We offer forest care services to property owners in the Longmont, CO area. To protect Colorado's mature forests, we can...

  • Cut down dead trees with little or no damage to neighboring trees
  • Remove ladder fuels to prevent a crown fire
  • Manage wooded areas for eco-friendly land use

Contact us today to schedule forest care services. We also do topiary and espalier work in Boulder County.